Monday, November 7, 2016

2016 Presidential Election Prediction

I think this is how Hillary is going to win the election.  Albeit, just barely.  But a win is a win . . . umm, right?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Robocop, The Running Man, or The First Republican Debate

1. It was unlike any debate I've seen at that level. It was essentially a reality TV show. The crowd was cheering/booing throughout. Moderators, such as they were, interacted with the candidates and voiced opinions. LOTS of moderator camera time.

2. My specific analogy to this event is how Fox re-engineered sports broadcasting when they got rights to the NFL in the mid 1990s. Dumbed down both the color and play-by-play to make it more "accessible" to everyone. Same was true with any sort of sports analysis FOX covered. And ratings soared. So other networks soon followed suit.

3. I'm thinking the same thing is about to happen here with major political debates. The ratings for this debate were huge (I've read that 24 million people watched), and FOX's coverage was mostly praised by other media outlets.

4. I love it when pervasive media creates an event, promotes that same event like it's news, and then applauds itself about their handling of the event after it's over.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Memo to Big Media #unsubscribe

Dear Members of the Big Pervasive Media (sports or otherwise),

Please #unsubscribe me from the following topics until further notice, per the details below:

1. Tom Brady and "deflategate"

2. Anything about any presidential candidate before the year 2016

3. Anything about Hillary Clinton, ever

4. The economy of the country of Greece

5. FIFA leadership

6. All Fox "news alerts"

7. Anything CNN "reports"

8. The term "game changer"

9. ISIS, ISIL, The Khorosan Group, al-Qaeda, or the al-Nusra Front

10. LeBron

Thank you,
Dom Shakal

Monday, September 1, 2014

10 NFL Post Pre-Season Thoughts

In no particular order. Besides numerical.

1. Saw that the Texans finally got QB Ryan Mallet for a shopping cart full of aluminum cans. Interesting that: a) NE thought so little of him, and b) the Texans clearly think sot little of Fitzpatrick and Savage.

2. Read that Cowboys GM Jerry Jones: a) was literally going to turn in the Johnny Manziel draft card and had it taken out of his hand by his son, and b) JJ won't allow Jimmy Johnson into the Cowboys Ring of Honor. Not easy being a Cowboys fan these days. Hasn't been for a long while.

3. The Raiders to San Antonio honestly seems like a perfect fit. Blue color team for a blue collar city with a HUGE untapped fan base (Spurs notwithstanding). Heard that the Texans were indirectly trying to block the move, while Jerry Jones essentially shrugged and said no problem. Both of these reactions feel exactly like how the two existing Texas NFL teams would react to such a move.

4. I predict the Texans will end the season with a better record than the Cowboys. Also predict that they beat the Cowboys in Week 5, giving TexanFan four years of an additional thing to prop up their in-state insecurity.

4. Does anyone else feel like the 49ers are slowly imploding before the season begins? If they lose to Dallas in Week 1, that implosion will be confirmed.

5. Yes, the Seahawks could absolutely repeat. May need to win @SF though, which has been a challenge. Then again, if SF is imploding . . .

6. Sorry Jeff Fisher; bet you would've thought twice about the Rams job if you knew Shaun Hill would be your starting QB.

7. HBO's Hard Knocks does an unintentionally excellent job of showing how smart so many NFL coaches aren't. My cat is smarter than Mike Tice. No really.

8. Kinda getting tired of hearing about the whole NFL player concussion issue. Feels like media-generated fear frenzy at this point. Players now know the risks, and if they don't, they're stupid. If they don't want to accept those risks, don't play. Also, last time I checked, most of them get compensated pretty well.

9. Read that a typical NFL game's TV broadcast is roughly 60 minutes of play time and 150 minutes of commercials. Sheesh.

10. Heard that Phil Simms will be color commentating both Thursday and Sunday NFL games. Good money says that he'll somehow confuse the two games before this season is ov

Friday, October 18, 2013

Memo to Kubiak, or, Stop: KeenumTime

Coach Kubiak,

I kinda get this decision.  The Texans need "a spark".  You want to "shake things up".  And you want to prove that you're not a robot designed by Mike Shanahan to run the same 15 plays every week.  Got it.

But do you really think this is the best decision for either Keenum, or the Texans?  Why not go ahead and start TJ this week, at KC, the loudest place in the NFL, with arguably one of the best defenses in the league.  KC hasn't allowed a team to score more than 16 points this season.  Why not go ahead and give TJ this start?

If TJ is terrible, so what.  Then you've got the BYE to work with Keenum and prepare him for another big game against IND.  But at least that game will be at home.  And, coming out of that BYE, you'd be able to generate some fan interest with Keenum's first start.

Of course, if Keenum goes to KC and wins, you'll look like a genius.  Well, a genius android.  Like Marvin from that Douglas Adams book.  But then you've got a full-blown QB controversy on your hands.  How are you going to re-install Schaub in that scenario?

However, if the Texans and Keenum get destroyed at KC, then what?  You've already played your Keenum-trump-card.  What will you then do to create positive momentum?  Another inspiring post-game press conference where you refuse to say your first-string quarterback's name?

Given all this, doesn't it make more sense to wait on Keenum until after the BYE?  Then again, maybe you've got a different angle here, and I'm underestimating your craftiness.  Because I have heard that Vince Young is available.  From Vince Young himself.

Some Guy That's Never Coached a Down

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Orwell '44

"The essential fact about a totalitarian regime is that it has no laws. People are not punished for specific offences, but because they are considered to be politically or intellectually undesirable. What they have done or not done is irrelevant."

--George Orwell, 1944.

Friday, January 4, 2013

NFL Playoff Predictions

Below are my predictions for this season's NFL playoffs:


CIN@HOU -- HOU (in a lucky win)
IND@BAL -- BAL (assuming BAL can play at 3/4 of their potential)
SEA@WAS -- WAS (surprise upset; the NFL really wants RGIII to move on, and hates SEA)
MIN@GB -- GB (in a close win)

The Divisional Round Games:

HOU@NE -- NE (in a Kubiak and Phillips get completely out-coached blowout)
BAL@DEN -- DEN (DEN is way better than BAL, and proves it)
WAS@ATL -- WAS (another upset, as ATL loses yet again in the first round, and Tony-G exits without ever winning a playoff game; since there's no NY team left, the national sports media go crazy for their Redskins)
GB@SF -- SF (assuming the "good" SF team shows up; I think they will)

Conference Championships:

NE@DEN -- DEN (in a good game, Manning doesn't lose at home)
WAS@SF -- WAS (RGIII outplays Kapernick, and the national media explode in rapture; I have no idea which team to root for)


DEN vs. WAS -- DEN (RGIII finally loses after DEN has two weeks to prepare to stop the "pistol option" offense)

Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Presidential Election Prediction

This is how I think Obama is going to win the election.  As I am posting this, I noticed that my 2012 prediction is somewhat similar to my 2008 prediction; in the 2012 race, however, I believe Obama will win Ohio.  This will basically be the difference, much like it was for Bush in 2004.

Also, you may note that I have Mitt Romney winning one electoral vote in Maine.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Football Flap - Week 6

I said after Week 3 that DAL was lucky to have beaten TB, and that they were in trouble moving forward.  One BYE and two losses later confirms this.  As a Cowboys fan, what’s most troubling to me is the horrific clock management at the game’s end.  It didn’t specifically cost DAL the game, but it sure hurt.  Same problem with endgame clock management  occurred last year, too.  Remember?  So what gives?  My money is on the (poor) coaching.  In any case, I think it’s going to be a long season for long-suffering DAL fans.  But at least we’ve now got Victoria’s Secret at Cowboys Stadium.

Well TexanFan, that was a nationally televised bummer.  Some might suggest that GB is the first real team HOU has played, hence they weren’t prepared for the competition.  But Peyton Manning disproved that on MNF last night.  So perhaps it was just a bad outing.  Next week should put HOU back in the win column, as BAL’s entire starting defense is hurt.

PHI QB Michael “Mike” Vick has been playing on borrowed time this season.  Methinks he’s about to pay it back.

ARI vs. BUF.  Which team wanted to lose more?  ARI, evidently.  Can you blame a kicker who makes a 61 yard FG to tie the game, but then misses a 30+ yarder to win?  I can.

The national sports media claims that SEA’s “Raincoat Stadium” is the loudest in the NFL.  Because of the 12th Man.  However, Texas “Tradition is Important in the SEC” A&M had the 12th Man 80 years before SEA had an NFL team.  But I guess it makes for a good story.  Or maybe just a story.  In any case, SEA just beat NE in a league that’s beginning to define parity.

KC head coach Romeo Crennel continues to kick field goals when down by touchdowns.  And that’s part of the reason why KC is 1-5.

Speaking, very briefly, of NCAA football.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Mack Brown consistently gets out-coached on game day.

Oh, and Notre Dame is 6-0!  Were ND somehow to go undefeated, there’s no power on Earth that would prevent them from playing in the BCS Championship Game.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

National Sports Media -- We Don't All Live in New York

Although it wasn't pretty, HOU beat NYJ last night on national television. So this morning's CNNSI home-page story is about the Texans' win, right?  Wrong.

Instead, it is: "Stating his Case" -- a story written from the Jets' POV, and ostensibly about Tim Tebow.

Here's the last paragraph of said story:

"For some Gang Green faithful, the outcome may be disappointing because it was so close. Sanchez was far from perfect. But if he came that close to leading the Jets past the undefeated Texans, Ryan is not going to pull him out of the lineup. He knows if he did that, he could never go back. For now, the Texans remain perfect and the world will have to wait at least one more week for Tebow time."

Good grief.